Bergama Theatre Festival “Winter Meetings No:1” program is ready to meet with you. We hope that this open space that we try to create will facilitate our communication with you apart from the festival period, along with opening up new conversations and outputs. With the program prepared, our main aim is to develop and shape Bergama Theatre Festival in more productive, critical and sharing way within your participation, all together. 

Based on this motivation, the forum “Bergamalıların Gözünden Festival” designed as an open space to hear you and discuss on opinions and opportunities about the festival and beyond, and to seek for solutions. 

Besides the workshop “Yazı Masasında 1 Gün” that will held for the art producers in the region, the play program includes one for children from Akbank Çocuk Tiyatrosu, “Fırtına Çocuk” and “Bernarda” from Proje No 2. See you very soon at BerKM on December 18 for Bergama Theatre Festival “Winter Meetings No: 1"!