Very soon we are meeting again on the streets of Bergama. We are very excited about Bergama Theatre Festival 2022, where we will meet for the third time on June 2 - 5, share brand new stories, and be involved in these stories!    

In our third year, the festival continues developing and processing the aspects of Localization - Sectoralization - Facilitating the Access of People with Disabilities to Arts and Culture - Youth and Children; in company with bringing together the performances from the national and international stage along with the regional groups that responded to the call. The performative program will be accompanied by workshops, panels and variety of walking routes and activities. A full experience of Bergama Theatre Festival is waiting for us!

With contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, supports of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bergama Municipality, Bergama Culture and Arts Foundation, Bergama Chamber of Commerce and Ne Yerde Ne Gökte Foundation, with the sponsorship of Odeabank and Mey|Diageo and developed by BERaBER and 3dots; we invite you to Bergama Theatre Festival, to get lost in the streets of Bergama, to get together with the power of production, and to meet for stories. The first and early bird tickets of the special opening BTF’22 Açılış Panayırı (Festival Selection & Concert: Mabel Matiz) and the performances Aşk Geçmişim and Timsah Ateşi are on sale now on Mobilet! 

We will announce the festival program very soon. We look forward to meeting you…