An open call to the communities engaged in artistic production in the Aegean Region for the 2022 edition of the Bergama Theatre Festival:

We are growing and transforming Bergama Theatre Festival together every year. Last year, we devoted one day of the festival to the plays of the communities producing in the Aegean Region. With this solidarity that we have established, we have been able to talk and share more about the relationship that the festival has established with Bergama and the region. This year, we would like to deepen our focus on “Sectoralization”, which aims to bring amateur and professional theater producers together, and “Localization”, which aims to meet with art producers in the region, with your participation.

Soon we're going to announce the date and the details of the program in this year's edition of the surrounding theater groups to meet with this engaging our audience in order to create a collective experience and acquaintance in the festival atmosphere; theatre groups in the Aegean region until the date 10.03.2022, @bergamatheatrefestival | Linktree to fill the application form from the link invite.

News about the festival is on the way, we are looking forward to meeting you!