Every corner of Bergama is a stage!

Last year, we met for the festival in the contemporary and ancient places of Bergama. During the four-day festival program, we started the first day by watching performances in the Red Basilica and BerKM, then came across a play while passing by the square. By noon, we attended the workshops in Arasta under the shadow of the Planetree until the time of the talks at Akasya Park came. We listened to the panels that took place in the Tonoz till the evening, followed by the play that took place in Asklepion. The next day welcomed us with workshops in the Yabets Synagogue, continued with a gastronomy workshop in the vineyards… We had a multidisciplinary Bergama experience where we caught the performance that took place in the Acropolis at sunset. This year, in our third edition, we are spreading to the streets, neighborhoods, and walls of Bergama. You may come across Bergama Theatre Festival at any time. :) 

The festival program will be here very soon!